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OS Assignment 2 [New] 2021.09.22
Python Assignment2 [New] 2021.09.18
OS Assignment 1 2021.09.16

3.1 Basic number system conversionsLesson Note | Homework | Answers2022-02-10
3.2 Number system fractional conversionsLesson Note | Homework | Answers| Lesson Video 2020-10-25
3.3 Basic Arithmetical operations on various Number SystemsLesson Note | Homework | Answers| Lesson Video2020-10-29
3.4 Uses bitwise logic operations on Binary numbersLesson Note | Homework | Answers| Lesson Video2020-11-03
3.5 Encoding SystemsLesson Note2020-11-03
Past paper questions from unit 3 - Deadline :13.11.2020 Homework| Answers2020-11-06

6.1 Explores signals and their properties Lesson Note 2021-12-07
6.2 Explores signal transmission media Lesson Note 2021-12-07
6.3_4 How digital data is encoded using signal elements. Lesson Note 2021-12-14
6.11 Investigates the security aspects of the communication and protection of devices connected to the Internet Lesson Video 2022-04-05

13.1 Intelligent and emotional computing, Artificial intelligence, Man-machine coexistence, Machine to machine coexistence Lesson Note 2021-08-22
13.2 Software agents, Multi-agent systems, Applications of Agent systems Lesson Note 2021-08-22
13.3 Nature inspired computing, Biology inspired computing, Quantum computing Lesson Note 2021-08-22

Python Assignment 01
9.1 Uses problem-solving process
9.2 Explores the top down and stepwise refinement methodologies in solving problems
Lesson Note | Lesson Video 9.1 and flowchart Part I2021-07-20
9.3 Uses algorithmic approach to solve problems Lesson Note | Lesson Video flowchart Part II2021-07-20
OL & AL Flowchart past paper questions and answersLesson Note2021-08-22
9.4 Programming history and Compare, contrast different programming paradigmsLesson Note2021-08-31
9.5 Explores the need of program translatorsLesson Note2021-08-31
9.6 Explores integrated development environment (IDE) to identify their basic featuresLesson Note2021-09-07
9.7 Python variable types and operatorsLesson Note2021-08-22
9.8 Uses control structures in developing programsLesson Note2021-09-07
9.8 Part II Extra ActivitiesLesson Note2021-09-25
9.9 Uses sub-programs in programming Lesson Note2021-11-09
9.10 – Uses data structures in programsLesson Note2021-11-04
9.11 – Handles files in programsLesson Note | Lesson Video Files Part I | Lesson Video Files Part II2021-11-17
9.12 – Manages data in databases using PythonLesson Note | 2021-12-07
9.13 – Searching and Sorting algorithmsLesson Note | 2021-12-07
Python past paper questions and answer analysisLesson Note | 2021-12-07

Unit 10 Past paper document Click here to download |Pastpaper Answer document 2021-07-01
10.2 Analyses user requirements (multimedia contents) Click here to download 2021-07-08
10.6 Uses an authoring tool to create web pages. Click here to download 2021-07-08
10.7 Creates dynamic web pages using PHP and MySQL Click here to download 2021-07-01

PHP Database connectivity Practicals
You need WampServer to execute PHPClick here to download WampServer
Instructions to install WampServer and execute PHP and PHP with MySQLClick here to Download
Inserting data to a database table using PHP and MySqlClick here to access
Reading data from a database table using PHP and MySqlClick here to access

10.8 Publishes and maintains web sites. Click here to download 2021-07-06
Require files for local web publishing Details.php file
vhosts file
httpd file

5.1 Defines the term computer operating system (OS) and investigates its need in computer systems Lesson Note [English Only | English + Sinhala Meaning] | Lesson Video2021-02-16
5.2 Explores how an operating system manages directories/folders and files in computers Lesson Note [English Only | 2021-03-25
5.3 Explores how an operating system manages processes in computers Lesson Note [English Only |English + Sinhala Meaning] | Lesson Video Part I|Lesson Video Part II2021-02-18
5.4 Explores how an operating system manages the resources Lesson Note | Lesson Video Part I, Lesson Video Part II, OS Manage IO Video2021-03-04
Past paper questions from unit 5 - Deadline :31.03.2021 Download| Memory Management Past paper discussion Video2021-02-04

1.1 Investigates the basic building blocks of information and their characteristicsLesson Note | | 2021-01-21
1.2 Investigates the need of technology to create, disseminate and manage data and information
1.3 Formulates an Abstract model of information creation and evaluates its compliance with ICT
1.4 Selects and classifies the basic components of a computer system Lesson Note| | 2021-02-01
1.5 Analyses the activities of data processing. Lesson Note| | 2021-01-27
1.6 Investigates the application of ICT in different domains Lesson Note| | 2021-02-01
1.7 Evaluates the impact of ICT in the society Lesson Note English Only | Lesson Note English + Sinhala Meaning | 2021-02-05
Past paper questions from unit 1 - Deadline :11.02.2021 Homework 2020-02-08

2.1 significant changes occurred in the computers from generation to generationLesson Note | | Lesson Video2021-01-12
2.2 Explores the functionality of a computer in relation to the hardware and their interfaces.Lesson Note | | 2021-01-18
2.3 Explores the Von Neumann ArchitectureLesson Note | |Lesson Video2021-01-07
2.4 Identify different types of memory and their main characteristicsLesson Note |Lesson Video | 2021-01-07
Past paper questions from unit 2 - Deadline :11.02.2021 Homework| Answers2021-02-04

Multimedia Logic SoftwareClick Here to download2020-11-05
4.1 Introduction to Logic Gates Part ILesson Note | Homework | Lesson Video 2020-11-10
4.1 Introduction to Logic Gates Part IILesson Video 2020-11-13
4.2 Boolean Algebra simplification Part ILesson Note | Homework| Lesson Video 2020-11-19
4.2 Boolean Algebra simplification Part IILesson Video 2020-11-19
4.3 Practical application of Logic circuits.Lesson Note | Homework| Lesson Video 2020-11-20
4.2 Karnaugh MapsLesson Note | Homework| Lesson Video 2020-11-26
4.2 Universal GatesLesson Note | Homework| Lesson Video 2020-12-01
4.4 Adders and Flip-flopsLesson Note | | Flip-Flop Video 2020-12-01
Half Adder & Full Adder Video 2020-12-14
Past paper questions from unit 4 - Deadline :15.12.2020 Homework| Answers2020-11-06